What did the Middle Ages sound like?
Was the world a more quiet place, or a more noisy one?
And what did the songs sound like that were sung by medieval people?

Cécile de Morrée is a cultural historian and literary scholar. On this blog, she shares her observations about sound and song in the historic reality.

Video: Singing about Jesus at Christmas
Did you know that Jesus was an ordinary teenager, too? Who had to do chores at home and went out with girls in the evening? At least, that’s how it was seen in the late Middle Ages. We know this because we know Christmas carols from that time that tell us about it. These songs were among the most popular Dutch songs. In the course of the 15th and 16th centuries, we see a lot of different versions of carols, bringing the story of Jesus even closer to our homes. Watch this video and listen to the song.